About Us

We are Kirsten & Pete, and we are the team behind Little Biz Designs.

We first discovered the power of websites in the mid 2000’s when we started our own travel company in the UK and we were able to compete with the big established companies because our website really grasped the imagination of our potential clients and we understood the opportunities that online advertising brings. 

Since hanging up our travelling boots when our children were born, we started designing websites for friends and family, and soon discovered a passion for great website design.  By using WordPress we are able to make affordable, beautiful and functional websites accessible to even the smallest business.

Why choose us?


We work with you to ensure we are meeting your requirements, we're approachable and easy to talk to


We have run our own businesses, so we aren't just web designers, we understand your website needs to support your overall business goals by being attractive to clients, easy to use and highly functional


We're based in South Africa so we can offer you a very cost effective solution for your website needs

Up to date

We stay on top of design trends, and important compliance requirements

International Perspective

We have lived and worked in the UK and Australia, and can bring that international experience to your site, no matter where in the world you are

Plain English

We don't hide behind jargon and terminology, but we explain everything in a way that can be easily understood, no matter how comfortable you are with technology